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Why is my tufting gun beeping?

Why is my tufting gun beeping?

You’re in the middle of your creating an amazing rug design when your tufting gun beeping. And you have no idea what’s causing it. This can be really stressful.

Let’s take a look at how to find and fix the problem, we’re going to go over all the possible reasons that might be causing your tufting gun to beep. 

Firstly make sure to turn off your tufting gun if you hear it beep or it behaves differently to normal.

Reasons your tufting gun beeping

Some of the most common reasons why this might be happening are:

If your tufting gun makes a high-pitched beeping noise

Your rug machine probably needs to be lubricated. Add a couple of drops of lubricating oil to the moving parts of your machine. Turn on the machine and see if it’s working correctly now. Ensure that you oil your machine at least once a month to maintain your tufting gun

If your rug gun makes a high pitch sound and then stops

This means that it doesn’t have enough power in the motor to push through the tufting fabric. This usually happens when you might be tufting over already existing tufted lines or if you’re using rug yarn that is too rigid and thick. This may also occur if you’re using fabric such as linen, which is not an ideal choice for tufting as the fabric is too thick for the scissors of the gun to push through. 

To solve this problem, try to space your lines out and use thinner yarns if they’re too thick. Also, avoid tufting excessively in one particular, concentrated area. This might cause a lot of tension, and your tufting gun might stop after a beeping noise. 

Stuck yarn

Sometimes yarns might get stuck in gear, and that’s what might be causing the beeping noise in your gun. To avoid this, feed the yarn through the left side of the machine instead of the right side. This way, the gears that usually snag the yarn are on the opposite side of the machine.

None of the above

If you’re not facing any of the above problems, then you might want to look into your grouping wire. This may be because the grouping wire is no longer contacting. 

The Contact Bars might require realignment. You can refer to this video here to find out more. 

Beeping can be annoying, especially when you don’t know why they are happening. So these suggestions may come in handy the next time your tufting gun makes a beeping noise. 

Like many other new experiences, you may encounter a few hiccups when learning to use your tufting gun. It’s a good idea to check your tufting gun every so often to make sure it is working correctly. To avoid these tricky situations, you might want to lubricate and clean your tufting gun regularly. For all of your rug tufting needs, visit tuftingpal.com. Don’t forget to stop by our shop to get started on this creative journey.

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  1. D’ Lani Roberts

    My guns beeping, it could be because of lack of lubricants or maybe because i did kind of jam my thumb yesterday. Is there anywhere i could possibly send it in to get checked cause I’m not able to find the problem

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