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Loop Pile Tufting Made Simple

TuftingPal offers Loop Pile Tufting Guns that are easy and fun to use.

These guns are great for making strong, looped textures in tufted art. Our models, including The Duo, AK Pro, and TD 2, are good for everyone, whether you’re starting out or have tufted before.

Great Rug Guns for Your Projects

Our rug guns are reliable and easy to handle. They make crafting enjoyable and simple.

You can choose from different models to find the one that fits your project best. They are great for making long-lasting tufted art.

Ready to make loop pile art? Pick your Loop Pile Tufting Gun from TuftingPal. Shop now and enjoy simple, creative crafting!

What is Loop Pile?

A Loop Pile is made with a tufting gun that loops yarn through fabric without cutting it. This creates a durable, carpet-like texture.

Loop pile is strong and good for places with lots of foot traffic. It’s different from cut pile, which is cut at the end and feels softer.

Loop pile tufting is great for making long-lasting rugs and art. It’s easy to learn, making it a good choice for both new and experienced crafters.

Difference Between Cut Pile and Loop Pile Tufting Gun

“Cut Pile” and “Loop Pile” are two kinds of carpet styles. They are different in how they feel and are used.

Cut Pile:

  1. Texture: The yarn loops are cut to make single strands. This makes the carpet soft and fluffy.
  2. Types: There are several kinds, like Saxony and plush.
  3. Feel: It feels soft and nice to walk on.
  4. Look: It looks fancy but can show marks from vacuuming.
  5. Lasting: It might not last as long because the yarn ends can get worn.
  6. Use: Best for places like bedrooms and living rooms where comfort matters.

Loop Pile:

  1. Texture: The yarn is looped and not cut, making a looped surface.
  2. Types: Examples include Berber and level loop.
  3. Feel: It’s firmer to walk on than cut pile.
  4. Look: It looks more relaxed and hides footprints and vacuum lines.
  5. Lasting: It’s tougher and stays nice longer.
  6. Use: Good for busy places like hallways or offices.

Choosing Between Them:

  • Where It Goes: Use loop pile in busy spots because it lasts longer.
  • Comfort or Toughness: Choose cut pile for comfort in quiet areas and loop pile for tough spots.
  • Style: Cut pile for a fancy look, loop pile for a laid-back or work setting.
  • Cleaning: Cut pile might hold more dust, so it needs cleaning more often.

In short, pick cut pile or loop pile based on where you’ll use it, how you want it to feel, and how easy it is to keep clean. Each type is good for different needs in your space.