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Create Amazing Rugs with Simple Rug Carving Tools

Hey rug lovers! Want to add wow to your rugs? Try Rug Carving. TuftingPal has the right tufting tools for you. It’s all about making designs that really stand out.

Carving Tools for Cool Patterns

Our carving tools are super easy to use. They help you make detailed patterns easily. Whether it’s a big rug or a small one, you’ll get it looking great.

Add Depth to Your Rugs

With Rug Carving, your rugs will look more than flat. It’s like making your rugs come alive. Ready to try? We’ve got what you need.


What is Rug Carving?

Rug carving is when you cut your rug to make cool designs. You trim the yarn to different lengths to make patterns that you can feel and see. It changes a plain rug into something special with depth. It’s a fun way to make your rugs look and feel unique.

Rug Carving VS Rug Shearing

Rug carving and shearing are different. Carving is about cutting patterns into your rug. It makes designs stand out. Shearing is cutting the whole rug’s surface to the same height. It makes the rug even. Carving is for details, shearing is for a tidy look.

How to Carve Design in a Rug?

To carve a rug, first, sketch your design on it. Then, use a carving tool to trim along the lines. Cut the yarn to different heights to show off your pattern. Go slow and be careful to make your design look good. It’s about taking off layers to make your rug’s design really pop.